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Expert Sports Communicator Named SportsEdTV Senior Contributor

Published: 2022-06-01
Expert Sports Communicator Named SportsEdTV Senior Contributor
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SportsEdTV communication advisories for its worldwide audiences will be a feature of contributions made by Lisabeth A. Begin, a strong communications pro in television, video/digital production, media relations, public relations, and promotion.

“Lisabeth brings to us strong skills as a consummate communication strategist, producer/director, advertising and a promotions campaign manager that will translate to the large group of sports administrators and leaders in our community,” said Robert Mazzucchelli Co-Founder and Chairman, SportsEdTV.

Lisabeth's clients include; the US Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon Police, McDonald's, Charlie Daniels, the Associated Press, Entertainment Tonight, Author/TV Host–Lynn Fischer, Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Grand Ole Opry, HSN Promotions, Senior Series Golf Tour, Teens on the Green, Inside Edition and the American Journal.

"Her guidance will come from years of serving governments, corporations, and sports developing strategies for training, educational, and information—right in our sweet spot—so we're looking forward to her valuable contributions," added Victor Bergonzoli, CEO of SportsEdTV.

Her productions include over 4,200 commercials, television shows, corporate industrials, training tapes, and infomercials.

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