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SportsEdTV Launches Loyalty Program to Reward Frequent Website Activity

Published: 2023-10-04
SportsEdTV Launches Loyalty Program to Reward Frequent Website Activity
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SportsEdTV has launched a rewards program that allows members to win cash and prizes by frequently visiting its website, watching videos, reading blogs, sharing content, and taking other actions that demonstrate brand loyalty and frequent visits.  PROPOINTS will kick off its launch festivities in mid-October with a 90-Day Challenge for high school sports coaches, who can collectively win $1,500.00 for their team by generating the most PROPOINTS among their supporters and team members.


“We wanted to develop a category marketing innovation that would allow us to reward members for using our website, consuming our content, and helping us get new members - why not copy from the airlines' frequent flyer programs,” said Robert Mazzucchelli, SportsEdTV chairman and CMO.

 Members are automatically enrolled in PROPOINTS when they join MYSportsEdTV with a $12 yearly membership or promotional code.  Whenever they log in to SportsEdTV, their actions are tracked, and points are awarded and displayed on the top of their personalized feed page.  The initial value of collecting points will be to try and win quarterly cash prize competitions, but the company expects to allow members to redeem points for special merchandise, sponsored items, and exclusive and unique sports-related experiences sometime in late 2024.

“People who play sports like to compete, so we created a leaderboard where members can see how they are doing versus other members collecting PROPOINTS,” said Victor Bergonzoli, SportsEdTV CEO.  He added, “With all the content options available today competing for people’s time, we felt it very important to reward our members for choosing to spend their time with SportsEdTV.  Rewarding people in this way will be a game-changing differentiator for our brand.”

SportsEdTV developed a proprietary software methodology for collecting and reporting PROPOINTS, and the company expects to continually evolve the program to add new ways to reward its loyal members.


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