Watch + Learn: Indirect Free Kicks

Watch + Learn: Indirect Free Kicks
Published: 2020-11-27

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The Big Game: Chelsea v Spurs 

What a game – 1st plays 3rd – both undefeated in their last 6 games – Spurs 4 back-to-back wins – Chelsea 3 back-to-back wins – both with a +12 Goal Difference – and virtually identical records so far this season. The difference could be the Managers – and the way both teams set up for this London Derby. Mr. Mourinho lives for these big games – what better place than Stamford Bridge to play tactical chess. Mr. Lampard needs to be very careful.

Match Edge Prediction: Chelsea v Spurs – Over 1.5 Goals + Away Win or Draw

 Watch + Learn: Indirect Free Kicks

This game showcases an amazing array of EPL talent – Harry Kane, Timo Werner, Hueng-Min Son, Mason Mount, Hakim Ziyech, Gareth Bale, Kai Havertz, Christian Pulisic to name but a few.  There will be goals – but clear-cut opportunities will be few and far between.

Free Kicks on the edge of the area may prove to be a game decider. Watch out for fouls on the front of the box – and then observe the level of preparation for a stellar free-kick. First, you’ll see a defensive wall built – shouting backward and forwards between the defenders and the Goalkeeper to get the wall into the perfect position.  Then watch the debate as to who gets to take the Free Kick.  Both teams have excellent contenders – Spurs – Kane, Bale, and Dier   Chelsea – Werner, Mount, and Chilwell.  The accuracy at the English Premier League level is phenomenal.



Players at this level practice by firing the ball through hoops hanging from a goal.  You can do the same—simply tie a couple of hoops to the corners of a goal and use poles to section off the goalmouth. Run this exercise as a competition between two or three players—scoring points as in the diagram.  Scoring gets you credit points—missing get your minus points.