• Deeply Engaged Global Audience. Our audience is passionately engaged in learning their favorite sport on SportsEdTV. They have goals they want to achieve and we help them reach those goals. By becoming a sponsor of their journey, your brand will connect emotionally with them. They will remember that you were there and reward you with their loyalty. No matter where they live in the world, we can reach them and, together, help change their lives. Every country in the world has watched SportsEdTV.
  • Add Value to Lives Of Our Audience and Members Our audience is personally engaged in their sport, not vicariously but DIRECTLY. When sponsoring SportsEdTV, you directly enter and impact the lives of our athletes, parents and coaches, and create a bond for your brand based on a shared journey and shared achievement. For people who may not have the resources to obtain world-class coaching, we offer a chance to compete and hope to succeed that previously did not exist. As a sponsor, you will be part of delivering this life-changing opportunity to millions of people around the world
  • Activation Flexibility. We offer many activation opportunities for brands, including product/brand story integration, product placement, creative on-website branding and page takeovers, ad unit variety, social media inclusion, email opportunities, geographic and sport segmentation and e-commerce. We also provide viewer and member data analytics to our sponsors.
  • Category Exclusivity. When a brand sponsors SportsEdTV, we consider them a business partner. We do everything in our power to use our assets to help them grow their business, including blocking the ability of competing brands from engaging our audience. ALL of our sponsorships offer category exclusivity to give our sponsors the best chance to tell their story without any competitive interference.